Capturing the right Wedding photographs!

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Wedding is a onetime experience, the memories of which remain with you throughout your life. However today memories are not enough you want to document your memories as photographs. Share them on social media and show to the world how happy you are. What’s the use of a lavishly decorated wedding unless you can share it with your all your friends and family members who have not been able to attend your wedding. They should also be included in the build up to the wedding, and also the moments after the wedding.This is where the role of the photographers comes in. They not only capture your wedding day, but also the proposal.  They capture the bride and groom in various poses and emotions, and also that of the other guests and relatives. Although photography is an art, and it depends on the creativity of your photographer how he will bring out the spirit of your wedding, there are some recent trends in India that have been highlighted in this blog.

The proposal

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This is one of the most beautiful and emotionally charged moments, and parts of your wedding. Thus many couples expect their photographers to capture this moment.


 Wedding #tags

This is another new thing, where couples create their wedding hashtags and share them on instagram and allows the guests to add their photos and they include selfies and other photos.


Drone shoots

Drone photo
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Drones is a new equipment that is being used by wedding photographers to add a dramatic effects to grand wedding pictures. This is one thing that is going to be in this wedding season.

Bridal portraits 

Bridal potraits
 Brides spend a lot of time trying to look beautiful, and perfect, and thus they find it worthwhile to take some time out to capture their outfit and make over on which  they have put in a lot of effort.


Squad photos

Squad photosCredits:

All the people are decked up in their best at the weddings, so it is worthwhile where the whole family, or the group of friends can come together to click the best group photographs.

After day photos



For those who want to take some casual clicks out of the rush of the big day. The day after you can just have fun and get some amazing candids clicked by your photographer.


The honeymoon shoot

Some people don’t want any moment of this amazing event undocumented. So they want perfect photographs of their honeymoons too. These lead to some stunning fun filled and romantic clicks and are a great idea if you can afford it.