How to choose the perfect Diamond Ring for your Bride-to-be?

So, you are ready to pop the big question and sweep the love of your life off her feet by getting down on one knee and asking her to spend the rest of her life with you?

If you think you have it all planned out- a candlelight dinner under the starlit sky, a romantic walk down the beach, a place that fills you with waves of nostalgia of the love and memories you shared with them, and have rehearsed the actual proposal about a million times in your head, attempting to make it irresistible, you’re forgetting the most paramount thing you need to express your timeless love- An Engagement Ring!

When it comes to expressing your love and commitment, Diamonds and Engagements are synonymous. The eternal precious stone with an impeccable scintillation and majestic appearance is exactly what you need to mark the onset of your everlasting togetherness and the love you have for your significant other. With a classic diamond ring in your hand, while you are proposing your beloved, you can never go wrong with your proposal.

The shape and structure of a diamond ring say plethora about one person’s personality. A diamond ring, albeit pricey, is personal and speaks volumes about the person wearing it.

Know which kind of Diamond Ring suits your better half perfectly before you pop out the big question:

1. Round Solitaire Ring


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A round solitaire ring signifies a traditional and laid-back bride. If your significant other is not the one to experiment and wants a classic and sophisticated wedding, Round Solitaire Engagement Rings are the perfect deal for you!

2. Square Cut Solitaire Ring

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The brilliant square cut signifies a bride who, although traditional, but does not mind being the cynosure occasionally. The traditional yet contemporary appeal of the ethereal diamond is perfect for a bride who is confident and keeps up with the latest trends.


3. Marquise Cut Solitaire Ring

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If your significant other carries an aura of boldness and confidence effortlessly and knows how to put fun in just about everything, the voguish marquise cut is the one for her! The exceptional cut makes every head turn and accentuates the sensuality of the person wearing it. Not only it makes your finger look slander, but it channels the inner Aphrodite of the one wearing it.



4. Asscher Cut Solitaire Ring

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Asscher cut solitaire ring is the best you can gift your vintage lover bride-to-be. If traditions are of major significance for your beloved, but with a modish leaning, Asscher Cut is made just for your better half! This cut complements every outfit, and adds a dash of unparalleled elegance to the overall look of your bride.



5. Heart Cut Solitaire Ring

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What is better than to express your eternal love through a heart-shaped diamond ring while you ask your beloved to spend the rest of her together? Heart shaped diamonds signify a hopeless romantic bride, if your lover is non-conformist and glamorous, carrying elegance and beauty like no other, the heart shaped diamond is your perfect symbol of love and togetherness that will last a lifetime.


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