How to make a perfect entry or exit to your wedding with a vintage car? Where to get one in India?

Every bride or groom wants to make an entry with as much sass as possible. Or ride into the sunset with their partner in style. It is necessary to have a perfect vehicle for this purpose. In this regard vintage cars are what most couples are opting for. This is firstly because of their old-world charm and uniqueness. They also have a classy feel which set them apart from other luxury cars. If you are choosing to leave lasting impression upon those who attend your wedding luxury cars is the way to go.

Imagine rolling into your wedding site in a 66 Ford Mustang convertible or a 1948 Lincoln continental with the hood up, in your wedding dress, or your Sherwani.  It will add that extra element to your wedding that will make it go from memorable to cool, without losing out on the classy factor. Wedding planners say that an Audi or a Mercedes is as good as a Maruti 800 today, because all the guests attend the wedding in these cars, so the bride and groom have to do something different.


These cars have an added touch of grandiose, they generally belong to the post world war era and were owned by the royalty. They may lack modern amenities but the kind of awe they would inspire and the sense of grandeur they would add to the event is unparalleled.There are various options available for you among vintage cars depending on your needs.

The classics



However if you are looking for a vintage car, but cannot give up on the modern amenities like air-conditioning these are the right options.These are mostly post world-war two cars like a first edition Beetle or a vintage Merci or a Buick Road master.

Although as it is difficult to get a vintage car often people go for a limo. But if you can pre-book a car in time from the right place you can have a vintage car for your wedding.  Here are links of some of the most prominent companies which rent out vintage cars for events. The rent for one night is generally within 20,000 – 50,000.

Some of the tips before hiring a vintage car are that, you must check the condition of the car, including its mechanical parts, in order to avoid mishaps in the middle of the event. Also you should check the insurance policies of the company. Avoid booking a car on a date which has double bookings, there are chances that you would end up paying extra for slight delays.

And one last, very important tip, though it might seem very trivial,- do practice the entering and  getting out of the car before hand in your wedding attire, because they have different shapes than modern cars, and might cause difficulty.