Meenakari Jewellery: Wear the ethereal masterpiece on your wedding day!

Picture a vibrantly ethereal jewellery masterpiece with impeccable scintillation luxuriating on you while you tie the knot on your big-day! You’re envisioning Rajasthan’s oldest jewellery heritage, the royalty-inspired Meenakari jewellery, possessing an exemplary sumptuousness for the traditional Indian bride.

Meenakari Jewellery has remained the aristocrat of all jewellery forms of India because of its authenticity in design and whimsical beauty. A Meenakari adornment entwines a dash of regalness around your neck. The treasured Rajasthani jewellery art-form is intricately crafted to perfection by enameling coatings of vibrant colors upon precious metals, like gold and silver. With magnificent designs, each authentically ethereal, Meenakari jewellery makes a bride transform into a royalty on her wedding day. Nature based motifs like birds, animals, and leaves are meticulously imprinted upon the metal using vibrant colors like red, green, blue, and white. Although Meenakari adornment possesses a delicate look, it is one of the most durable jewellery forms of Rajasthan.

The skilled Meenakars of Rajasthan categorize the exuberant jewellery form into two types based on the colors of motifs imprinted-

1. Ek Rang Khula

Popularly used for brides, this type of Meenakari jewellery uses only one color to engrave on the metal. Although Ek Rang Khula is less flamboyant than its counterpart with multiple colored motifs, but the traditional appeal of this type of Meenakari ornament enhances the elegance of a bride magnificently.

2. Pachrangi Meena

A combination of colors like red, blue, green, and white are extensively used to imprint the vibrant motifs on precious metals in this type of Meenakari jewellery. The designs of this type flatter each and every kind of skin tone, making it an exemplary choice for bridal-wear.

The traditional appeal of this adornment can be amalgamated with a contemporary touch for the modern day Indian bride by embellishing precious stones. Wearing an exceptionally beautiful Meenakari necklace on your wedding day with a low neckline bridal outfit will definitely transform your look into a heavenly mesmerizing one, making you feel like a royalty on your big-day!

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